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A Nomadic Blog Merger!

Well……two Nomadic blogs was getting a bit silly.  So I have invited my rambling inner self aka “Nomadic-Wisdom” (The free-flowing thoughts of a 21st Century Nomad – Politics, Religion, Conflict, Global- interconnectivity) to join me over here on 4nomadic, where the REAL action happens.  For anyone who missed it here are a few nomadic-wisdom ramblings of the past:

September 2009:  Britian IS NOT BROKEN!

September 2009: Contemplating Loss at Ramadan

July 2009: Keep you hair on! (About wearing a hijab)

January 2009: Obama and the Skinhead

November 2008: A Change or a Shift (mentioned Obama AGAIN sorry)

September 2008: Rev. Nomadic discussed Ramadan

June 2008: Freedom of Expression: Where to draw the line?

May 2008: One Thing you would Change?