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Classic Mini For Sale

With some degree of sadness we are looking for a good home for our media inspired mini motor car… Pictures of her here http://bit.ly/DTgHh 24 year old classic. Perfect for those who work with the media or don’t have five children to cart around (like we do).

The Micro Traveller

I am still travelling.  Well, a little bit.  Mostly by train to London, although I have been as far afield as Sheffield of late.  Last month I spent a suitably romantic week in a secluded retreat on a Tuscan hillside.  It was my honeymoon, so I thought I had better NOT blog about it.  Felt a little inappropriate. 

So a short entry this time – to let you know that I have NOT forgotten about this blog.  Travel blogging was my first 18 months ago.   Since then I moved on to blogging about “stuff”, about public-diplomacy, about peace on the World Bank blog and recently about media and conflict on the 4imediate blog.  Perhaps it’s too much – you may well see a lessening of me on the airwaves as I settle into married life and lead a less virtual life.

Really this entry is all about showing off the new Nomadic wheels.  A beatiful beast perfect for a British mini/media lover.  This 23 year old Mini City has been wrapped in news stories on the history of the mini.  A funky way to travel, especially given the mini is 50 this year!