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Too Old and Unfit for Everest?

I like a challenge.  But not one without meaning.

When DIL asked if I would be part of a small group of trekkers headed for Everest Base Camp in April this year I didn’t hesitate to say yes.  Not because it sounded exhilarating – but because I believe in the work DIL does in Pakistan.  The people of Pakistan have suffered horrendous natural disasters and been caught up in conflict for far too long.  DIL are admirably pouring in support from the diaspora and international communities.

DIL’s website is here:

This short video explains why Books not Bombs are the best weapon in defeating the Taliban:

The months running up to the trek promise to be as challenging as the expedition itself – those who know me will know I am not the fittest nor youngest of explorers.  Experiences before, during and after will be recorded here.

Today I dropped into Blacks in Cambridge and asked them if they would be able to provide any of my equipment (I have been sent a list which I am yet to glance at).  I have the number of the Head Office, provided by a reasonably enthusiastic manager – so we will see how that turns out.  Meanwhile I really need to find out a bit more about what will be expected from me.  Any comments and advice from previous trekkers very welcome.  Perfectly happy for you to be entertained at my expense over the coming months.  I need to move from fat to fit ’tis true.

If you have other things to offer, like some good boots, media support for DIL or just some Kendal Mint Cake, let me know.  Alternatively if you would like to offer cold hard cash head for my Justgiving page at

Those who know me even better will know that I plan to turn this into a creative experience – more of this on