The Art of Travel

Portrait Artist, Caroline Jaine grew up in the west of England in a creative household and expressed herself through drawing and painting from an early age. After studying Art & Design in Bath and Cambridge her professional career took her overseas, where she has spent much of her adult life.  Caroline continued to paint and exhibit wherever she was assigned, worked under the mentorship of renowned artists Anoma Wijewardene in Sri Lanka, and was sponsored by the British Council for her solo show in the Slovak Republic in 1999.

Caroline’s move to portraiture coincided with a particularly tough spell living in Iraq and her recent moving collection shown in London, features Iraqi journalists alongside Sri Lankans and Afghans and a significant number of BBC correspondents and broadcasters that Caroline has worked alongside.  She is currently working on single protraits of prominent British figures that have “made a difference” and has a keen interest in portraiture for social cohesion. Caroline is also a published photographer, writer and founder of an organisation that promotes the use of the visual and descriptive arts in conflict transformation.

Caroline rarely accepts private commissions for portraits – but feel free to contact her directly to discuss this further.

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  1. That is my favorite niece, right?

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