Pakistan Photo Album

A photo blog posting this time.  with little time for words – a few glimpses of my time this week in Pakistan – Islamabad and Rawalpindi in the main, with some out of this world images along the Afghan/Pakistan border.  For more and higher resolution images visit these FlickR pages.

Flash on colour in Islamabad

Islamabad street at dusk

Fabric shop in F7 Islamabad

F7 market street

street scene Rawalpindi

Islamabad airport departure lounge

By far the best set of images were taken from the plane – as we were lifted up above Rawalpindi, we saw snow capped mountains to the north and then flying south along the Afghan border, we saw the awesome sight of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas for ourselves.  We were speechless at their majesty.

9 responses to “Pakistan Photo Album

  1. Nomadic, You are a master photographer, a look at these photographs makes me feel as if I also travelled along side your team. The aireal photos are really excellent. I wished that you could also visit Lahore not because I was raised here but because it is considered to be heart of Pakistan. Hope Nomadic will soon be in Azad Kashmir as well. (I was born in Kashmir)
    Sister, thank you very much for informing us of your arrival in Pakistan and also for posting these beautiful photographs.
    Wish you all the best, wherever you go,
    wherever you live.

    Ibn Hanif

  2. Seriously, your series changed my perception of this war torn country.

    The glamour and the bustling atmosphere filled the air

  3. Have been fortunate to have had several good Pakistani friends, but never the opportunity to visit their country. Thanks for these photographs!

  4. NP, I wish to see you in my country but I would not let you do what Nomadic did. You will have to come to Lahore and also in my village in Kashmir as my most respected guest. Believe me earlier in 1992 or 93 my parents had this honor of serving a German lady who came with one of our relative living in Germany. I am saying this as a Pakistani and as one of your B.C friend.

  5. @ Nomadic Nice piece of photography! enjoy Pakistan!

  6. Dear Friend,
    I am new visitor of this site.. but when I visited, its really gorgeous exploring the facts. Hope to find you more and more fact loving person. Also your photography shows your ability to find it all

  7. From where these fotos was taken?

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