Marujuana and Porcupines

I am writing this from my bedroom.   I have no idea whether I am going to be able to upload this online – so far my attempts to upload using the password “hotel1” have failed, so it may well have to wait for my return.  Funny to have connections problems when the research says that Pakistan has the biggest WiMax network in the world.  I guess no-one has switched it on yet.  It’s the communicators wet dream – the big red switch that opens up global communications…TURN THE WIMAX ON.

I thought  I would share with you some glimpses of my ride back from the airport in Rawalpindi.  Just a couple of average street scenes.  No dramas, no speeding, no jams.  Although I do love the image of the guy using his mobile phone on the road side as he tries to mitigate for the breakdown of his rather ornate vehicle.

The drive back was fairly dull – and try as I might to capture the dramas of the city out the window of the rather imposing bus I was travelling in, the dramas didn’t exist, and it was a fairly mundane event.  I blogged briefly before on my feelings that Islamabad is not the heart beat of the nation.  As every day goes by I am more inclined to believe this.  It’s more of a dull pulse. I did go a to two separate French restaurants two days in a row – which unsurprisingly still produced  no dramatic revelations.  French food was certainly not my choice – oh to ramble alone – but Nomadic has company this time.

The climate is sunny but tepid, still and fresh.  The streets are laden with security guards exercising their biceps by lifting ropey barriers.  Eagles circle and crows murder, but nothing really seems to happen.

The most exciting development was discovering that the streets are edged with wild marijuana. Begs the question why everyone isn’t more stoned.  And very late last night I spotted a rather brusque looking porcupine.  It looked like a character from “The Village”, and was the size of a Labrador, and merrily ambled on during closer inspection.

I really hope to report more next time, but one thing is clear in my mind – I want to come back.  To explore this nation beyond the bland capital, come mountain or valley (both plentiful), come rain or shine – I want to know more.

2 responses to “Marujuana and Porcupines

  1. …and know more you shall…inshalla!!

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