Marigolds in Rawalpindi

A cool late summer feeling as we stepped off the plane. The airport edged with terracota pots filled with marigolds and efficient ground staff. Imigration even had their mission and vision printed clearly on the wall for all customers to see. My alien appearance clearly received curious stares and a few polite questions from security, but nothing hostile.

Islamabad is a short drive away and I get a very clear sense that this is not where the country’s heart beat is. Broad clean streets dotted with sensible drivers and large gated homes displaying both wealth and lack of soul. I long to get out from this bland ghost town and explore where it’s really at. Talk here of cricket and trade, of bloggers and peaceniks.

Happy at least to have had a mountain of vegtable balti for lunch, even if I did spot a KFC a few blocks away.

More soon…. Nomadic x


One response to “Marigolds in Rawalpindi

  1. Nomadic, Khush Amdeed! (Welcome) to Pakistan.
    You have shown a true picture of Islamabad. “Large gated homes displaying both wealth and lack of soul”. It’s true too. Yes, a country of cricket fans.
    Wish you all the best.

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