Pakistani Hospitality

Blimey. I’m not even at the airport yet and I have been overwhelmed by Pakistani hospitality…colleagues wanting me to visit grannies, people I have never met before offering family members who will show me around, an offer of a trip to Kashmir, a trip to Karachi, travel tips, eating tips, shopping tips, tak-tak advice, what-to-wear tips, insight into Rawalpindi, Faizabad, bloggers offering link exchanges/thought exchanges.  A big thank-you to all.  Now waiting for the taxi for the airport….. a few mentions below….I’m soooooooo excited!


Let Us Build Pakistan


Peace Niche

Teeth Maestro

The Tea Break gang

“Positive Pakistan” Initiated by Dawn News

Karachi beuatification

Pakistan blog

The Best Pakistani bloggers:

With a special big-up to Ibn Hanif who is a real virtual friend (if that’s possible) and blogs about Islam and humanity


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