Another Glimpse at the Highlands

I realise I kinda left you hanging – as I ventured up north, all morose like.  I think it was perhaps a little over-ambitious to be travel blogging not very soon after the loss of a very good friend.  I tend to look inside myself perhaps a little more than you want to know about sometimes – so I left it a while before getting back to this.

So anyway, Scotland was good if not brief.  Easyjet delivered us to Inverness airport effortlessly (after a sweaty-pants run to the gate) and we met our beaming colleague in the terminal, who had flown up from Bristol.  A rather bearded, shaded, overly inquisitive taxi driver took us to the meeting point (picture in first post) and we immediately commenced with a business meeting that went on all afternoon….over a rather nice supper…..through after-supper whiskeys back at Gordon’s……across the breakfast table the next day…….all morning….through lunch (home made soup, yum)…..on the way to the airport…..on the plane back home……phew!

Apart from the business meeting, the absolute highlight was arriving at Gordon’s house in the dark and walking up the next morning to the most spectacular view across the Firth.  The crappy photos (above) taken on my iPhone do not do it justice at all.  Scotland – I will be back.  Minus the business meeting next time.

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