Baghdad – The Path to Peace

a place in the sun

a place in the sun

I didn’t really “travel” much yesterday.  It was more an exploration of minds, as I spent the whole day confined to camp and in the main hard at work (apart from a brief excursion to the British Embassy to meet a human rights officer who was smart in more ways than one).

Most of my time is spent inside these tin can cabins beneath rattling air conditioners, so I don’t get to experience the 50 degree heat that much.  Early morning and evening sun is lovely and the photo shows the spot I found this morning to dry my hair and have a sneaky read of Private Eye before the day properly woke up.

Funny…I realise that I don’t feel much like writing today.  I think it is because this chirpy travellers tale won’t really do justice to the depth of experience I am having here.  I am tasked with helping develop media campaigns that address human rights issues.  The team I am working with are an incredible bunch of people who articulate themselves well, but one thing stands out – all have been touched by abuse of human rights in Iraq.  This is not theory for them.  Through this work, I am slowly learning their own stories, of displacement, of the loss of loved ones, of torture, of imprisonment – and it has knocked me down to earth a bit.

So I think I will leave it at that for now and write more later, inshallah.  For now I leave you with a quote from my time in Basra, “if a path to better there be, it begins with a full look at the worst” (Thomas Hardy).  And a link to Path to Peace – an early blog entry reflecting on my time in Basra three years ago

May Peace Be Upon You

2 responses to “Baghdad – The Path to Peace

  1. Hi, my dear friend. I am so glad to have received your note that you are going to tell us about your beautiful journey.

    Soon it shall be fasting season and like yesteryears, we are always taken back to the times of our past travels and friends we left behind.

    Best regards

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