France First

French Renovation

French Renovation

All this excitment about going to Baghdad,  I forgot to mention that I  hit the road again and headed for France last night (Iraq not till the end of next week).  Ten days of mamouth hard work to follow as we continue to make our little house in Brittany more and more habitable.  We at least have hot and cold water, some (limited) electricity, and a roof clear of holes.  The windows are doors are filling the holes they should be (with a few gaps here and there).  This weeks task is to build a basic kitchen – put in a sink at least.  And build interior walls to make a second bedroom – AND most importantly put a door on the bathroom. 

My job this afternoon is to go out in the blistering sun and pulls up weeds from the garden – which looks like a jungle.  The garden is surrounded by cocky looking maize – the farmers choice this year, which makes our patch of land look a little inadequate.  The neighbour next door has an emaculate garden, so I think I owe it to him to deal with the weeds and tidy up a bit – get the old pallets, piping, cement mixer out of view maybe.  No sign of the other half – he and his pal went looking for said door early this morning.

I best get cracking….

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