The Micro Traveller

I am still travelling.  Well, a little bit.  Mostly by train to London, although I have been as far afield as Sheffield of late.  Last month I spent a suitably romantic week in a secluded retreat on a Tuscan hillside.  It was my honeymoon, so I thought I had better NOT blog about it.  Felt a little inappropriate. 

So a short entry this time – to let you know that I have NOT forgotten about this blog.  Travel blogging was my first 18 months ago.   Since then I moved on to blogging about “stuff”, about public-diplomacy, about peace on the World Bank blog and recently about media and conflict on the 4imediate blog.  Perhaps it’s too much – you may well see a lessening of me on the airwaves as I settle into married life and lead a less virtual life.

Really this entry is all about showing off the new Nomadic wheels.  A beatiful beast perfect for a British mini/media lover.  This 23 year old Mini City has been wrapped in news stories on the history of the mini.  A funky way to travel, especially given the mini is 50 this year!

4 responses to “The Micro Traveller

  1. Nice and good content

  2. My sister-in-law as one of the original Cooper Mini’s and has just spent a fortune getting it sorted out and repsprayed. It looks brilliant now just like new.

    There is method in her madness though, they are still very collectible and in good condition worth a lot of money.

    Thanks for dropping me a line on BlogCatalog by the way.

  3. Thanks Brian….I have my eye on another that I can wrap myself….just thinking about designs. I hope it will add value.

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