Live from Kabul part 2

Thanks to everyone for sending me supportive messages – as I said, reports of my bravery are wildly exagerated, for the most I have been sipping green tea opposite smiling friendly Afghans, enjoying the sunshine, and hearing amazing stories from amazing people. I am here, as you might guess to talk about and to Afghan media – a wonderful opportunity and exploration…which I shall write more about.

I have very poor internet and phone access right now – so I am amazed I am even able to post this. I am sitting at the reception desk of the lodge house I am staying typing away – my green tea awaits outside. Once the self imposed 10 o’clock crufew is over I will go about town again. Once 10 o’clock is passed, the suicide bombers have either detonated or given up. Having lived in Colombo, I think it is mighty generous of the said matyrs to stick to a time slot. I am not being alarmist – I am staying metres away from the Indian Embassy and evidence of the tangled wreckage and blown out windows remains.

Pictures will follow, but the technology isn’t with me at the moment I am afraid! More soon……..

2 responses to “Live from Kabul part 2

  1. Right next to the Indian Embassey, eh ? I remember hearing the news about the blast and the stories that followed. It wasnt so different from the countless other bombing stories you hear, but when its people from your own country, it strikes a chord.

    I wish Afghanistan will recover from it’s past. It’s long due.

  2. Alex, mainly Afghans killed not Indians. Taleban not claiming this one. Nuff said.

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